Building Performance Simulation Lab

Building Performance Simulation Lab locates in the School of Mechanical Engineering fo Tongji University, directed by Prof. Yiqun Pan. The whole research group consists of 3 tutors, 6 PhD candidates and 7 MSc candidates. Main research areas include: Building Performance Simulation & System Emulation, Load Leveling & Distributed Energy System Optimization, Human Behaviour in Building Operation, Big Data & Energy Management System.

Yiqun Pan

IBPSA Fellow | ASHRAE Member | ASME Member
Ph.D., Full professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering, Tongji University.
Post-doctoral researcher (2002), Center for Building Performance & Diagnostics, Carnegie Mellon University (USA)
Ph.D. (1992-1997) Heating Ventilation, Gas Supplying and Air-conditioning, Tongji University, Shanghai, China


Building Performance Simulation & System Emulation
Load Leveling & Distributed Energy System
Human Behaviour in Building Operation
Big Data & Energy Management System


Intersecting heuristic adaptive strategies, building design and energy saving intentions when facing discomfort environment: A cross-country analysis

Chien-Fei Chen, Marilena De Simone, Selin Yilmaz, Xiaojing Xu, Zhe Wang, Tianzhen Hong, Yiqun Pan. Building and Environment, 2021-10

Heating energy-saving potentials in HVAC system of swimming halls: A review

Xiaolei Yuan, Zhisen Chen, Yumin Liang, Yiqun Pan, Juha Jokisalo, Risto Kosonen. Building and Environment, 2021-07

Demand response potential of district heating in a swimming hall in Finland

Xiaolei Yuan, Leo Lindroos, Juha Jokisalo, Risto Kosonen, Yiqun Pan, Hui Jin. Energy and Buildings, 2021-05

An occupant-centric air-conditioning system for occupant thermal preference recognition control in personal micro-environment

Mingya Zhu, Yiqun Pan, Zejun Wu, Jiantong Xie, Zhizhong Huang, Risto Kosonen. Building and Environment, 2021-02

Phase change cooling in data centers: A review

Xiaolei Yuan, Xuetao Zhou, Yiqun Pan, Risto Kosonen, Hao Cai, Yang Gao, Yu Wang. Energy and Buildings, 2021-01

State-of-the-art Technology and Advanced Application of Building Performance Modeling

This book focuses on the most recent research work, softwares and relevant applications in the field of building performance simulation. The three-part book is a guide for those who are already envolved in this industry and prepared for a deep dive in various topics more cutting-edge and theoretical. Starting with introductions to basic math model like physical model and data-driven model theoretically, the book then briefs tools to fulfill the needs of various simulation tasks, concerning BIM application, parametric design and cloud compute supports... The third and the last part of the book goes deep into some buzz topics in this field: human behaviour in building operation, simulation assisted green building labeling, load prediction on urban scale, HVAC system simulation commisssioning, demand reponse, co-simulation, object-oriented simulation and so on. Cases are studied in conjunction with each method introduced.


Room A441, School of Mechanical Engineering, Tongji University
No.4800 Caoan Rd., Shanghai