LECTURE | Smart HVAC- Systems as a Service Platform to Increase Monetary Value of Buildings

Lecturer: Prof. Risto Kosonen

It's an honor to have Prof. Risto Kosonen here to share opinions on how to create added-value to building assets by intellectualizing the HVAC systems.

The lecture was given in three sections: the roadmap to healthy and sustainable buildings; the possible technical solutions (radiant ceiling, chill beam, personal ventilation, etc.); the creation of added-value of buildings. The added-value is critical because excellent and energy-efficient indoor conditions have a significant impact on real estate asset value, occupancy rate, and rental yield.

Before the lecture, Risto joined the round table with the colleges of our group, introducing interesting topics he'd been working on. Participants also gave brief presentations and discussed the thesis projects.

Time: 2019-11-22 16:12:21
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