This project aims to study on M&V method of energy savings in CEM projects so as to enhance the improvement of relative standards, regulations and policies in Shanghai based on case studies, referring to IPMVP and ASHRAE Guideline 14. It also aims to investigate the benefits sharing mode in large public building CEM projects and to share experience in Shanghai and other cities via training and workshops. This research project is supported by U.S. Energy Foundation, and finished by Tongji University and Shanghai CEM office, with cooperation of several ESCO companies. This project mainly includes three parts. First, measurement and verification method for energy saves will be studied and Measurement and Verification Guideline for Energy Savings of Whole‐Building Retrofit Projects (Trial) will be complied based on case studies, in the framework of General Rules of Energy Savings Measurement and Verification. Second, the experience of CEM in public buildings in Shanghai will be summarized and Best Practices – CEM of 11 Public Buildings are compiled. Third, recommendations of energy management outsourcing for public buildings will be given.

  • 基于实际案例的既有建筑综合改造节能量检测与验证PPT

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