This project is going to study the status quo of new buildings and exiting buildings in China and the applicable energy efficiency technologies in the two types of buildings; A full list of these technologies will be made so that to know the overall picture of building energy efficiency industry in China.

  1. Survey of energy efficiency technologies in relation to smart buildings. The technologies need to be surveyed under the following categories: equipment; devices; algorithms; management process; and software.

  2. Mapping Analysis of Energy Efficiency Technologies in accordance with: Technology types: Energy and ICT; Construction types: New Build and Refurbishments; Analysis of key technologies according to the value chains

  3. Providing technical support to DASS: Case studies of successful businesses/projects according to the technology types, construction types, and value chains

  • DASS项目协议书

  • Proposal to SKT for energy effiencey technologies

  • Energy Efficiency Technologies in Smart Buildings (Report)

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