After 2 years’ work, a test bed with intelligent DALI control system and energy efficient illuminating devices are set up in Tongji University. Supported by OSRAM Germany financially, this project aims to test the performance of OSRAM’s DALI control systems in offices.

On basis of daylighting usage analysis of an office, the test bed is carefully designed. The lamps are divided into 4 groups, each with one DALI MULTI 3 control unit. Then a monitoring system is assembled with PLC as communication core, which has the function to collect, visualize and record data from lighting system automatically. Through this system, operation status of the test bed for 3 months has been gathered and analyzed. One office with the same floor area and layout as the test bed is chosen as baseline office. In comparison to the baseline office, energy saving potential of various lighting control strategies is evaluated.

  • Research Progress Report_OSRAM GmbH

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