Inlets and outlets of skyscrapers façade are usually affected by fluctuate wind pressure. When it gets positive the outlets may not exhaust air normally, and on the other hand, dedicated air system may not inhale properly. To ensure the robustness of OA & EA system, fan parameters have to be tested through even the worst situations. Meanwhile, how system will perform to keep a good indoor pressure during temperate wind environment will be another issue.

In this project, we choose CFD model to analyze the pressure contour of all vertical façade and vent cabinet on each mechanical floor, and text the result against the wind tunnel experiment. As to temperate outdoor wind environment, we propose the control mode: variable frequency fan with overload protection, assisted with interlock controlled OA & EA fans. According to simulation results, for now, our methods may perform well in case of churning wind pressure situations.

  • 超高层空调系统室内外风压平衡技术研究与应用

  • 天津117大厦风机压力数值模拟(初步)

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