VisualEPlus is a drag-and-drop graphic user interface for the building simulation engine EnergyPlus, focusing on graphical modeling of HVAC system, and analysis of output results, aiming to faciliate the data input procedure for common modellers. This project was supported by the DOE of America, and incorporated LBNL, Tongji University, Shangdong University, China Academy of Building Research and WhiteBox Technology. The latest version is VisualEPlus 2.0. To download the test version please check the enclosed files.

VisualEPlus Interface in Chinese

  •                 VisualEPlus Overview

  •                 VisualEPlus界面简介

  •                 Introduction of VisualEPlus interface

  •                 Getting Started with VisualEPlus2.0

  •                 VisualEPlus2.0 User's Manual

  •                 VisualEPlus2.0 Installer