LECTURE | Simulating occupant responses to smart buildings -- Prof. Clinton Andrews

Lecturer: Prof. Clinton Andrews

On July 2nd afternoon, Prof. Clinton J. Andrews from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, gave a lecture on 'Simulating occupant responses to smart buildings' at A413 conference room, School of Mechanical Engineering. Prof. Hang yu, Prof. Yiqun Pan, assistant professor Rui Fan and Dr. Xiang Zhou attended the seminar for a thorough discussion on the relative topics, as well as dozens of postgraduate candidates.

Though the smart building incorporates the structure, mechanical system, service & management to an optimum synchronization, providing the users a convenient and humanized built environment according to their needs, such optimizations may have some side effects on the occupants' comfort. Prof. Clinton Andrews depicted a comprehensive view about how the occupant would react to the smart building, based on some cases under project 'Energy Efficient Buildings Hub' initiated by the DOE of America. Additionally, an agent-based model was also introduced to embed the human behaviour patterns in tasks like system design and control optimization.

Time: 2013-07-02 14:00
Location: A413
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