Seminar on district heating in southern China was held in Shanghai

Unexpected blizzards attacked lots of cities in China at the beginning of year 2014. Citizen of southern provinces where the freezingly cold weather landed cried for more facilities and policy supports as to districted heating system. This might be a twist to the 'common sense' that areas of lower latitudes do not need heating in winter season, and once again bring the southern heating issues to the spotlight.

District heating in southern areas has been long in appealing and debating, and will not fall into place by itself. With the theme 'Technique Warms City', the Southern District Heating Seminar was held on Feb 28 in Tongji University, Shanghai, attracting scholars from Tsinghua, Tongji, and Chongqing University, and more than 200 delegates of equipment producers, research institutes and energy consulting companies to share their thoughts. The seminar was organized by Tongji University and Journal of Global HVAC, supported by Shanghai Sociaty of Refrigeration, Shanghai Green Building Comminity and Shanghai Energy-saving Consultancy, aiming to boost our sustainable development strategy and nail down a practical roadmap in an echo of the increasing appeal to district heating in southern provinces.

The seminar consisted of lectures and discussions, hosted by Prof. Peng Xu, Prof. Yiqun Pan and Prof. Weiding Long separately.

Prof. Xu Zhang from Tongji shared some practical solutions to residential building heating provision in Yangtze River areas. Assistant professor Da Yan from Tsinghua showed survey data about the current situation and addressed critical issues. Jianrong Yang from Shanghai Building Science Insititue analysed crucial factors affecting heating cost in Shanghai residential building. While Prof. Peng Xu did the anti-gravity thinking, saying heat preservation is the thing that matters. Prof. Jun Lu from Chongqing University and others introduced heating systems they specialized. Ground source heat pump, solar energy assisted heat pump, etc. were covered by technical analysis and case studies.

Dicussion part threw out two major issues: how to best combine new techniques of system, material and heating paradigm? is district heating economical and practical? The problem grew more complex when it was detailed to the level concerning heating method, terminal units, user patterns and charging issues. Scholars invided performed a thought-provoking dicussion on all these, igniting the ensusiasm among the delegates to push this career forward.

Time: 2014-02-28 09:00
Location: 中法中心C201
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